Friday, September 30, 2016

Farm to People Foodie Tasting Box Subscription - Review

Disclaimer: I decided to do a review of a product I genuinely liked; not a paid advertisement or endorsement; now on with the review!

Every once in awhile, I come across a foodie subscription box service on Groupon and think about trying it out for the month given the great price, but I'm usually disappointed in the "possible contents" and rarely if ever decide to try them...that is until Farm to People.

At first I was skeptical reading the Groupon information, that at $29.95+SH they would send me a curated box of 3-4 small batch goodies for my kitchen, so I went to their website to investigate. It explained how their collections support local, artisan, and small-batch producers of a wide range of culinary products; this was definitely something I would love to try.

I opted to start with the smaller collection and placed my order for "The Casual Foodie" tasting box. It arrived smack-dab in the middle of the month with a treasure trove of goodies along with a detailed biographical insert introducing you to each of the artisans and their products. I received the following for September: The Truffleist - Truffle Oil, Dana Confection Co. - Cherry Star Anise Calissons, Quince&Apple - Raspberry Rose Jam,  Wilder Classic Mustard, and  Gustus Vitae Condiments - Taste of Provence Seasoning.

My favorite part about  the box was that it included a perfect mix of immediate edibles, meal accouterments, and novel recipe ingredients allowing me to try something new to eat now, something new added to a beloved recipe, and a new ingredient for a future recipe...The Foodie Trifecta.

Here's a few pictures of our goodies in use...

I used the missing two ingredients in a new recipe which will be posted soon so stay tuned! :)

If you like the idea of supporting small-batch artisans, and discovering new flavors for your food, I would highly recommend trying Farm to People's Foodie Tasting Box. 


Saturday, September 17, 2016

Chai Spiced Chia Pudding

So the new school year has begun! The weather is getting a little cooler in the mornings, but it's still toasty during daylight hours. That means during these mornings I want something cool enough to remain summery, and spiced enough to be a harbinger of autumn.
This Chai Spiced Chia Pudding is great for those mornings. Warm, home ground spices mixed with cool Almond Milk Chia Seed Pudding, sweetened with delicately flavored Coconut Flower Sugar...a perfect mix of seasons.

Here is my recipe for Chai Spice Chia Pudding:

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Pistachio Goji Berry Bars

It's been too hot to bake lately so the oven has been cool. That in conjunction with being sick for over a week and no grocery shopping, doesn't mean I haven't made some tasty snacks...They've just been of the raw, vegan variety. This is also traditionally the time of year when me and my college age brother test out snacks for his return to school. Requirements include they have to be tasty, healthy, portable, no need of refrigeration, and not loud (I'm looking at you brittlely hard granola bars).

These sweet, slightly tart, nutty raw chocolate laced bars have just enough crunch and plenty of energy boosting ingredients to get you through your day. 

Here's my recipe for Pistachio Goji Berry Bars:

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

How to Tuesday - Dahi Mirchi (Yogurt Chilies)

As I'm sure you know from reading this blog, we are quite fond of our spicy foods and we grow quite an assortment of hot peppers each for it's own purpose. These year we've lucky had an abundance of green chilies which Kishore uses in his infamous '25 Chili Chicken Curry' among other recipes. Since we are going through a beautifully sunny heat wave it seemed prudent to take advantage of the weather, and our chili crop to make Dahi Mirchi aka Yogurt Chilies. Dahi Mirchi is known by various names through out South India (Majjiga Mirapa, Challa Mirapakayalu), are a great accompaniment to rice, and grain dishes.

To make them, green chilies are soaked in a yogurt mix and dried in the sun repeatedly. The entire process takes about a week, but the transformed chilies are worth it. The burning spiciness goes away, leaving a mildly cheesy, salty, almost smoky spice flavor; that definitely adds depth to any meal.

Here's my recipe for Dahi Mirchi (Yogurt Chilies)
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